Frequently Asked Questions – Surprise Gifts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my order be delayed due to Covid-19? 
A: Our fulfillment center and carrier networks are open and operational! We are continuing to ship orders placed before 2 PM EST Monday-Friday on the same business day. 


Q: How big is the Gift Pod?
A: The Gift Pod is 6.0” tall and has a diameter of 2.8”.

Q: Do I need to bake a cake or can I use a store-bought one? 

A: You can bake OR buy a cake!
Pro Tip: If you buy the cake, select one with minimal decorations in the center and bottom perimeter to make it easier to core out the center and transfer from the store board to the Surprise Plate.
Pro Pro Tip: Ask the bakery for extra matching frosting to cover the center of the cake OR cover the Gift Pod with our Candle Topper for an easy solution! You can also cover the center with Surprise Sprinkles for a confetti explosion! 

Watch how it works:

Q: Do I have to make/buy a cake with a hole in it?
A: Nope! Each cake stand includes a Cake Corer which easily removes the center of the cake.

Watch how it works:

Q: Is the Popping Stand reusable? 
A: Yes, it is completely hand washable and reusable. You can reuse it for any and all celebrations! 
Q: Is there a Popping Stand assembly video?
A: Yes!  Watch it here:


Q: Do I need to use a round cake?
A: You can use any shape cake but keep in mind that the Popping Stands come with two round plates.

Q: Can I order a Suprise Cake or cupcakes through
A: We currently do not offer cakes or cupcakes through the website.


Q: Is it okay if the Pull Ring Trigger comes off of the Tube?
A: Yes, the Pull Ring Trigger can be pressed back into the Tube. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to do it.


Q: Do you ship internationally? 

COVID-19 Update: International shipping is temporarily suspended due to carrier delays. Shipping to Canada remains available.
A: Yes we do! At the moment we offer select products internationally. 
Internationally available products: 
1) Popping Cake Stand
2) Music Box Triggers
3) Candle Topper
4) Cupcake Kit

Q: Do you offer wholesale?
A: Yes we do! Please contact us through our contact page for wholesale inquiries.


Q: How long does the Popping Stand take to ship?
A: Orders will arrive in 1-5 business days depending on your location in the US.  For a more accurate shipping estimate, contact one of our agents on our live chat and they will assist you.


Q: Do you offer any promotions?
A: Yes! Subscribe to our email list to receive exclusive promotions. 

Q: Does the Popping Stand use batteries? 
A: Nope! The Popping Stand is completely battery and electricity free. It operates with an internal spring mechanism. The Gift Pod is released by a manual Pull Ring Trigger or hand crank Music Box Trigger. The mechanism is similar to a Jack-In-the-Box toy. 
Q: Do you sell extra Gift Pods?
A: Yes! Please contact us for Gift Pod packages.


Q: Can Bundt Cakes be used on the Popping Stand?
A: Yes, but it is still necessary to use our included Cake Corer to remove any excess cake from the center. 


Q: How does the Music Box Trigger attach?
A: The Music Box Trigger easily slides on to the Stand's Base. Please note, before sliding the Music Box Trigger onto the Base, be sure to lift up the the Pull Ring. 
Watch how it works:

Q: Is the Popping Cake/Cupcake Stand two separate stands? 
A: The Popping Cake Stand can easily transform into a Popping Cupcake Stand by placing both included Plates on to the Stand and replacing the included flat Gift Pod cover with the Cupcake Topper (sold separately or as a Featured Set)!
Watch how it transforms:


Record your own sounds that plays upon opening. Sing a song, send your best wishes, or get creative- it’s all you!