🎥 What a Season!

We are still winding down from the high energy of the holidays, who’s with us!? From Thanksgiving to the New Year (or shall I say, New Century!), the partying didn’t stop. It was such a pleasure watching families gather to celebrate, and it truly felt like we and our customers were virtually brought together too. Through our screen, we joined a Thanksgiving day scavenger hunt leading to a hidden Santa elf Surprise Cake reveal. Each week leading up to Christmas, we saw more and more elves pop out of their owners’ cakes – apparently, elves love cake! We celebrated many December birthdays with you, and towards the end of the month, took part in a Chanukah party as we watched a menorah cake come to life with chocolate coins popping through! On New Years day, we popped more than champagne, and every day since, we’ve been on a 2020 high, excited to see how this year will surprise us. We are so happy you brought us along on your celebrations last holiday season and we are eager to continue to partake in all of your Surprise Cake fun.

Thanks for sharing your sweet gifting moments with us thus far and don’t forget to tag us with @thesurprisecake and #SurpriseCake in the new year!