🎥 TODAY Show: "As Seen on Instagram"

🎥 TODAY Show:

We are still waiting for someone to pinch us and say, “Surprise! That was a dream.” Last Friday, the Surprise Cake team gathered for a viewing party to watch NBC’s Today Show. Eating buckets of popcorn and orange TODAY Show themed cupcakes, we sat on the edges of the couch waiting for the Popping Stand’s national television debut on a new segment titled “As Seen on Instagram”. 

The Popping Stand would be the first to kick off the segment listing 6 “Insta-famous” inventions that the producers found on Instagram and decided to put to the test. Mid-way through the show, a display of colorful cupcakes and two cakes popped onto the screen. We were ecstatic to see how the producers would react to their sweet surprises.

Good Housekeeping Style Director, Lori Bergamotto, triggered the first of three Surprise Cakes. What followed was laughter, screaming, and pointing by comedian Sebastian Maniscalco and hosts Jenna Bush Hager and Maria Shriver. It was unanimous, they loved the Popping Stand and their personalized surprises! We passed the TODAY Show’s Instagram product test with flying colors -and gifts!

As Jillian Ortiz, editor at NBC News, puts it, “the glory days of ‘As Seen on TV!’ are over!”. More and more people are buying and selling products through social media, namely, Instagram. When we launched Surprise Cake last summer, we knew we had to take advantage of the photo/video sharing app. The amount of creative gift-in-cake ideas is endless and surprise reactions never get old! But as Sebastian Maniscalco admits in the segment, he (and many others) never bought anything on Instagram -and it may be because they don’t know about its user-friendly shop features. Did you know you could view products, add to cart, and check out ALL on the app?! With over a billion people using it daily, it’s no surprise how much potential Instagram has for businesses and shoppers alike, and we couldn’t be happier that the platform works for @thesurprisecake.

Thanks to social media and the TODAY Show, we can now say the Popping Stand is #AsSeenonInstagram-andNowTV! We feel so fortunate and humbled to have been chosen on the list of “savvy gadgets you can buy on Instagram” to approve our product as one you can trust (today.com). Major thanks to NBC, the TODAY Show, and Good Housekeeping magazine for bringing us on the show and to everyone who has supported us in our mission to make every party a surprise party. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more Surprise Cake in the spotlight!
The Surprise Cake Team

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