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The Sweetest Way to SCARE!

The Sweetest Way to SCARE!

Halloween Surprise Cake

This past month, you proved that gifts aren’t the only surprise our customers fill their cakes with. We received tons of creative Halloween-themed Surprise Cakes loaded with things that will make you scream! Imagine spooky googly eyes, candy worms, slimy brains, and even skulls and skeletons shooting through your cake out of nowhere. And if you’re planning the surprise, there’s no reason to yell “boo!”, the cake does it for you. What we realized this holiday season is that Surprise Cake isn’t just the Sweetest way to Gift. It’s the Sweetest Way to Scare, Trick and Treat, Reveal (the gender), Propose, Announce, Thank, and give anyone an experience they’ll never expect or forget.

Click on the video below to watch a compilation of our favorite reactions from last month!

Be sure to check out the #spookysurprisecakecollab on the @thesurprisecake Instagram to see more Halloween themed Surprise Cakes and hilarious reaction videos of our customers getting spooked! Tip: Put your sound on loud, but not too loud!  


Record your own sounds that plays upon opening. Sing a song, send your best wishes, or get creative- it’s all you!