The Power of Surprise Cake During Covid-19

In a time like this, we are reminded of Surprise Cake’s mission more than ever. We do more than provide a fun and exciting way to give gifts through cake. Our main goal is to make you smile, laugh, and sometimes cry from the joy our products create.

But we are living in unprecedented times. Many people are struggling, and that could be you too. The change the world is going through is overwhelming. And you know what? We want you to be overwhelmed.

We want to overwhelm you with happiness, love from and for those closest to you, and of course, a big surprise when you thought this year’s celebrations would be… underwhelming. Most people do not expect their festivities to be what they imagined before this virus took over our lives, but a Surprise Cake can make them even BETTER!

We encourage you to celebrate! Celebrate what and who you have. Make the most of every day, every second you can. Plan parties and un-cancel them, even if that makes a party of one. Keep dreaming, believing, and wishing! Hope is everything. Do your best to be happy! It’s contagious. All of this can be achieved by making and giving someone a Surprise Cake.

Our world is experiencing a pandemic, and what we all need most right now is for positivity to go VIRAL! In the midst of this crisis, a news website recently came to us called the Power of Positivity®. Their mission, “to provide daily inspiration, motivation and tools to live a happier life” aligns with ours: the joy Surprise Cake brings is powerful! Another news site, Brainjolt (22 Words), encourages us to “Beat Yesterday” and created a Surprise Cake compilation video to show us how. Because a good surprise can change someone’s life forever.

So #StayHomeandParty with a #SurpriseCake!

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We feel so fortunate that we are able to continue to spread the power of Surprise Cake in a time when many businesses are struggling. For this reason, we decided to donate Popping Stands to various charities. If you know a charity that would benefit from a Popping Stand, please email with more information.


Watch the Power of Positivity and 22 Words:

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