🎥 A Gender Reveal Like Never Before – Surprise Gifts

🎥 A Gender Reveal Like Never Before

🎥 A Gender Reveal Like Never Before

A fiesta for your fetus. An announcement for your unborn child. A celebration for your growing bump of cells. It may sound silly, but everyone is jumping onto the gender reveal baby wagon.

And to think, just a few years ago, gender reveal parties had little hype. Then, boom! They took over the social media cybersphere by storm -or shall I say, by smoke bomb, confetti balloon pop, or surprise cake and now, the craze is everywhere.

If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve stumbled across some sort of gender reveal Instagram or Facebook post, Pinterest board, or YouTube video documenting the reactions of parents, family, and friends when the color blue or pink is finally exposed. 

It makes you wonder, are people competing for the most extreme reactions, the most decked out party, or of course, the most creative blue and/or pink reveal? Maybe they‘re really bored and just need an excuse for a party (not opposed!). Perhaps they are the opposite of bored, excited by life itself, the anticipation of new life and have found another reason to enjoy and honor it.

Whatever the reason, we, like many others, are now super into this whole gender reveal party trend. They’re exciting, fun, emotional, and who’s not interested in having a good time filled with happy surprises and cake?! …especially when you throw in the best of both – a Surprise Cake!

And trust us, you and your baby will thank us when the Popping Cake Stand pops up at the next happy occasion from their first birthday, all birthdays thereafter, to their graduation, first job offer, engagement party, wedding, and whatever happens to be the next trendy reason to party! 

Record your own sounds that plays upon opening. Sing a song, send your best wishes, or get creative- it’s all you!