🎥 2018 Surprise Moments! – Surprise Gifts

🎥 2018 Surprise Moments!

🎥 2018 Surprise Moments!

From birthday festivities to holiday parties, gender reveals, and even an engagement, we are thrilled to say that the Surprise Cake has been a special addition to many celebrations this past year. When we launched the Popping Stand in August of 2018, we had little idea what kind of response it would receive. As with any new concept, we experienced many challenges involved in making a completely novel product, but we remained confident and continued to believe in its abilities to add excitement and fun to any occasion. Now, about half a year later, we are so excited and humbled by all of the positive responses we have gotten thus far. Witnessing the look of pure happiness on peoples’ faces as they experience the Surprise Cake in action makes all the hard work worth it.

Creating a way for anyone to give or receive a present and cake -in one- proved to be something sweet that we can bring to the table. Slowly but surely, our mission to provide the Sweetest Way to Gift is coming true, and we want to thank all of our supporters and customers for believing in us and for helping make this dream come true.

Our favorite part of this whole journey is seeing the joy the Surprise Cake brings to people from all across the country, so keep tagging your memories with @thesurprisecake and #SurpriseCake on Facebook and Instagram so we can see and share your surprise moments! As 2019 pops up on the scene, the Surprise Cake has lots of exciting things in store already, so stay tuned as we continue to take the cake world by surprise!

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